Our Mission

To closely evaluate our clients needs and utilize our vast experience and knowledge of retail real estate development to provide our clients a sustainable competitive advantage.  Through our expertise in site selection, project financing, and development, along with our commitment to working with integrity and professionalism, we provide our clients the opportunity to expand their market share, lower their occupancy cost, and allow them to focus on their operational fundamentals.

Our Services

  • Site Selection
  • Project Financing
  • Development
  • Asset Management

Site Selection

Front Row Development’s approach to site selection begins with canvassing a market and putting together a comprehensive market analysis to determine trade areas within the market that are best suited to facilitate the client’s desired growth.  Once trade areas have been established, all sites within that trade area, that meet the client’s criteria,  are identified.  We then begin to underwrite all the entitlements for the selected sites to narrow our focus to only those sites that can be delivered with the desired real estate characteristics within the client’s budget.  Those entitlements include visibility, access, signage, utilities, zoning, title, deed restrictions, and permitting. 

  • Custom Demographics
  • Custom Aerial Photography 
  • Market Research
  • Market Aerial
  • Trade Area Aerial
  • Site Specific Aerial

Successful Relationships

"Read King handled our real estate in seven states over a ten year period and successfully completed over 150 transactions. They really set themselves apart with their comprehensive approach to developing a market and their in depth knowledge of the criteria that drove our restaurant sales."  IHOP


Project Financing

Read King, as a retail developer, has built and financed over three million square feet of retail property since its inception.  Through these efforts we have created relationships with almost every viable source of capital available to retail and build to suit development.  These relationships, the strength and expertise of the developer and the tenant, the fundamentals of the site, and the existence of an executed lease, all play an important role when structuring financing for a build to suit facility.   When these fundamentals are presented to lenders as a build to suit program the most cost effective financing becomes readily available.  By providing the best available financing, FrontRow Development delivers quality facilities with the lowest possible occupancy costs.  

  • Preliminary Budgeting
  • Final proforma/budget
  • Complete financing package
  • Bid financing package with lenders
  • Select lender
  • Close on development loan



FrontRow Development recognizes that entering a new market quickly and efficiently can often be a client’s greatest competitive advantage.  We actively begin the development process during Site Selection by analyzing the construction feasibility of a proposed site.  Through collaboration with the entire project team, we intently accelerate the project’s execution in the most cost efficient manner possible and consistently deliver a first class product. 

  • Due Diligence
  • Site Design
  • Building Design
  • Permitting
  • Construction Management
  • Delivery to Client

Asset Management

At Read King we believe property management begins with strong relationships. Relationships with the owner, tenant and service providers are all essential to the success of a shopping center. With Read King, you will not just get a “property manager” that comes and goes within a company, but a “partner” that will work diligently to maximize the value of your real estate investments on an ongoing basis. 

  • Lease and Contract Administration
  • Building and Site Maintenance
  • Site Security Accounting and Finance
  • Protest Tax Evaluation
  • Expense Control